A New Era of Consumer Investing Platforms

Leonardo DiCaprio as a 1980’s stock broker in The Wolf of Wall Street

1.0: The Birth of the Retail Investor

It’s the year 1989. It’s a Thursday in June and you’re getting paid tomorrow. You’re walking to Penn Station to take the train back home and you’re wearing your favorite shoes. You’re happy and confident. You decide to put some more money in the stock market; “let the good times roll,” you think to yourself. You pull out your cell phone (it has a large antenna), and call your broker at Charles Schwab; you tell Bobby, your broker, you’d like to buy some Microsoft stock. You tell Bobby to purchase 1000 shares for you when the market opens on Friday…

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In recent years, the whispers had grown louder, and the tweets came more frequently. “.” “” 2020 has sent an emphatic response to all of the doubts and gripes: Consumer is back.

COVID-19 has flipped our world upside down, drastically and fundamentally changing consumer behavior. While many of us were online before, now the internet is a lifeline. Almost every element of our lives, from education, to work, to socializing, has migrated into the virtual arena.

Needless to say, in 2020, some things just *hit different.* As we were all stuck at home…

Four World Cup Champions are making waves in DTC fashion, and demonstrating that doing the right thing is a great business strategy

To say the past 14 months have been a wild ride for members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team would be quite an understatement. Beginning on June 7, 2019 the USWNT kicked off their historic run towards a World Cup Title with a record-breaking 13–0 win over Thailand . A month later, the team hoisted the World Cup Championship Trophy for the fourth time, after defeating the Netherlands in the Final, 2–0. Notably, the 2019 Women’s World Cup brought USWNT co-captain and activist Megan Rapinoe, and her electrifying pink hair, to the front-page of newspapers, magazines, and websites, and…

Some of the coolest start-ups from VC’s most underfunded demographic

As companies nation-wide begin to finally acknowledge systemic racism and make efforts to identify ways they’ve failed the Black community, Silicon Valley firms have some serious soul-searching to do. From writing smaller checks for women and minorities, to orienting towards prevention methods rather than the promotion-skewed questions fielded by white and male founders, there’s no shortage of flaws in VC industry practices. From small, early pre-seed investments to late-stage, last-second, pre-IPO deals, Crunchbase roughly $132.1 billion in venture capital was invested across 12,876 deals in 2019. …

Twitter just rolled out voice tweets & Clubhouse is buzzing in Silicon Valley

I could not have found a more opportune time to write this than the day after Twitter first rolled out audio tweets to a limited group of users. In my periodic late-night Twitter timeline scroll, I came across my first audio tweet: paying homage to popular Jay-Z lyric and featuring the instrumental to Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk,” a user created what he called his “Twitter answering message” and had gone viral in a matter of hours. …

Jay Drain Jr.

Chicago native / New York resident | Lover of basketball, food, fashion, and 90’s R&B | Investing @ Maven Ventures

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