Consumer is BACK: A Look at 2020’s Top Tech Trends

Sustainability, Inclusivity and Diversity

If there’s one driving theme of 2020, it should be intersectionality. Diversity and inclusion are intrinsically linked to our environment, our economy, our lives. It is not a coincidence that Gen Zs, the generation most affected by climate change and societal ills, have been at the forefront of pushing for change within the consumer space.

Creator and Influencer Economy



With tens of millions of students from kindergarten to business school learning remotely this year, EdTech found itself as the center of attention for students, teachers, parents, and obviously VCs. Never before has education been productized as much as it is today. Consequently, never before have K-12 students and higher ed students required such tailored learning solutions.

Gaming and the Metaverse

Looking Ahead

So, where are we going in 2021? We’re confident our lives will continue to be lived online, with technology playing an increasing role in how we interact with ourselves and others.

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